Andrea Jen

Andrea's passion for planning and bubbly personality really shine when it comes to coordinating events. After completing her studies and internships in Hospitality Management, she began a career in Food & Beverage Management in South Africa. Thereafter, she moved back to her hometown in the Bay Area to find her feet. She has been assisting and coordinating weddings since 2015.

"I find that weddings are such a beautiful celebration because they bring all your favorite people together for your one special day, plus you get to dress up! I love how client’s eyes light up once they see what they have been planning for months comes to life. They are then able to just enjoy the day and dance the night away."

Andrea also loves planning her next mini get away or vacation. If she's not hiking, you'll probably find her thrifting or hosting get togethers with friends.


Review from Grace Shieh – Bride

Andrea was my day-of coordinator, and on the morning of the wedding, I naturally had a lot of anxiety about things going well. However, once I arrived at my own wedding all my anxiety and worry washed away because I could see everything was in place, set up, and in control. Even though I had planned everything, even I was surprised at how everything turned out, and that's largely due to Andrea's help and direction. She had the extra challenge of not having professional caterers or setup/cleanup crew at her disposal, and I know it was really tough and I imagine the cleanup was particularly frustrating, but she managed it very graciously and professionally.


Date: April 11, 2015
Venue: The King’s Academy
562 North Britton Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94085
Wedding Event: 4:00pm-10pm
Guest Count:  210

Venue – The Kings Academy
Catering – Back-A-Yard
Linens – Abbey SF
Décor and Lighting – Event Spaces
Photography – Dan Chern Photography
Videographer - Devad Studios
HMU – Deana Thai
Cake – Sister-in-Law
Florist – Friend


Review from Lian Shyu – Bride

I was impressed by how professional Andrea was! I appreciated that she came prepared to our first meeting with an agenda, a checklist, and offered great advise! I know we already had a Day-Of-Coordinator from the venue, but she did a great job being the liaison and coordinating people on our side. Thank you!!


Date:  June 6, 2015
Venue: Brownstone Gardens
91 Brownstone Rd, Oakley, CA
Wedding Event: 4:00-9:00pm
Guest Count: 250

HMU – JT Glamour
Photographer – Love Knot Photo and Sanarpics
Videography – Tru Luu Films
Caterer – Wilma Lott Catering
Bar – BBC Bar
DJ – Legend Makers Ron
Florist – Power Clan
Cake – TLC Cake



Date: 6/17/16

Venue: Chinese Church In Christ - Cupertino
Wedding Event: 11:30am - 3:00pm
Guest Count: 120

Cake - La Patisserie
HMU - Soyi Makeup & Hair
Photographer - Veronica Chou Photography
Videographer - Justin Thatch

*Catering and Florals were done by friends and family